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Chromoskedasic Sabattier Technique
Chromoskedasic Sabattier Technique with Ilfobrom G
Another example of graded paper and a HP5/Tanol negative.

Ilfobrom Galerie FB grade 2

Developer VGT (contrasty setting) 1 minute

2nd tray: 600ml water + 60ml stabilizer + 90ml activator – light on after 20 seconds and further 30 seconds treatment

Color management: the shorter the exposure, the brighter the lights, the more color can be formed in lights and midtones. As a rule, the shades turn to a bluish hue after the 2nd exposure and the lights turn to yellow, red or brown – depending on the used paper and the alkalinity of the 2nd bath and/or a treatment of a pure alkaline solution in a 3rd tray.

The Sabattier Effect (pseudo solarization) will take place in high contrast aereas when:

1. The main exposure is short and contrasty (filter grade 4-5).

2. The 2nd bath contains a higher ammount of activator and perhaps a small amount of developer.

3. Or a 3rd bath is used for developing out.

4. And the time in the 2nd bath is quite short (5-15 secs) before the light is turned on.