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Silber Auskopierverfahren Lobotypie
Lobotype on COT-320,If toning with thiourea is planned, the print should be made slightly darker. With short bleaching times, the maximum blackening increases, but the highlights and midtones become lighter.
Top left the untoned print, quite cool due to the addition of one drop Na2,
Top right MT3 Variotoner: bleach 1+75 35 seconds, toner setting D,
bottom left thiourea over-toned with MT10 gold toner 7 minutes,
followed (bottom right) by MT7 iron toner. The whole image turns greenish blue. A subsequent lead acetate bath (1.5%) 30 seconds reduces the iron hue starting from the highlights.
One can argue about which toning is the more beautiful, the examples are only meant to show the possibilities. For example, a longer bleaching time for the first toning would ensure that the warm tones would dominate even after the final iron toning.

The digital print negative was made from an enlarged photogram of a magnolia branch on baryta paper.