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MT17 Selenium toner
For years I have been trying selenium toner formulations which have a similar effect on Kallitypes as the normal selenium toners have on silver gelatin prints, with little success. The known selenium toners lead to a strong decrease in density and contrast and an unattractive yellow tone. Failures are frustrating, but you have to go through it and try again and again. The formulation used now seems to have an advantage. The print becomes only slightly brighter, which can easily be compensated by a longer exposure, but the contrast is maintained and the colour saturation is reduced. Even more satisfactory, according to initial tests, is the effect after the acetate developer.

Kallitype, HPR, Sodium acetate developer,

1st MT17 Selenium toner 1+8 2 mins,

2nd Cobalt toner 12+8+7+4+400ml 2 mins, 

3rd MT7 Iron toner 4+2,5+5+3+450ml 1:45 mins, Lead acetate toner 2,5% 30 secs.