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Zweibad mit Lith
1. für braune bis rötliche Töne - 2. zur Kontrastverstärkung der Schattenzonen
Retrobrom Lith und Zweitentwicklerr Meritol
As mentioned earlier (see hidden lith) a 2nd developer after Ith developing  reduces the colour. Due to the overexposure for the lith process a 2nd developer must be strongly diluted. Meritol is a devided developer concentrate, I took only 2,5ml A solution to 1 litre of water, because there is enough alkali in the paper after lith development. As expected the print darkens rapidly during less than 2 minutes, but there is still some colour.  Like it or not, but such a treatment is a good base for a Polysulfide toning.

MT4 Siena 1+30 30 seconds. The toning will progress in the final wash, because this kind of toner still works at dilutions over 1+500.