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December 2021
LITH Omega
Two bath development to intensify the colours and to increase the densities of the shadows after lith development.

Lith Ω is used as a second bath after lith development to increase the colours and densities of warm tone papers. With a treatment in Lith Ω it is possible to achieve intensive yellow or reddish tones while using relatively short times of development in strong lith working solutions. Such tonalities normally require excessive exposure in combination with long times of development in highly diluted developer. Treatment in Lith Ω will evoke intensive colours on warm tone paper with a silverchloride emulsion (such as Forte Polywarmtone and Fomatone) – the papers that are already colourful when used in lith alone.
On bromide silver emulsions and mixed emulsions with a high content of bromide silver you will observe little change in terms of colours, only the densities will increase.

Dilute the stock solution between 1+100 and 1+500 to prepare the working solution. Discard the working solution when it turns dark red in colour.
Treat the print for between 30 seconds and a maximum of 4 minutes. If you are using strong lith developer working solutions (between 1+5 and 1+8) you can change from the developing bath to the intensifying bath already before the shadows turn black. In the second bath the deep shadows will appear almost instantly. The overall image tone shifts to more colourful nuances. In a developer dilution of 1+10 or more allow the shadows to turn black already in the lith developer. The correct time of exposure is reached if the deep shadows appear after 3 or 4 minutes. Mid tones and highlights will appear in the second bath.


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