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Second bath for colour intensification, or for shade enhancement after lith development.

Lith Ω is used as a colour and density enhancer as a second bath after lith development of warm top papers. With relatively short development times in strong lith developers, intensive yellow or reddish tones can be produced with the post-treatment In Lith Ω, which otherwise can only be realised with strong overexposure, high developer dilution and long development times.
Post-treatment has a particularly intensive effect on warmtone papers with chlorine silver emulsions (Forte Polywarmtone and Fomatone), which already show clear colour during bath development.
With bromide silver papers or mixed emulsions with a high bromide silver content, there is little change in the image colour, only the densities are increased.

Dilute the concentrate 1+100 to 1+500. The working solution should be discarded when it takes on a dark red colour.
The treatment time is between 30 seconds and a maximum of four minutes.
When developing in rich lith developer approaches of 1+5 to 1+8, it is possible to change to the intensifier bath even before the shadows are blackened. The deep shadows appear there almost abruptly, the image tone shifts to more colourful nuances. If the dilution is 1+10 or more, the blackening should be done in the lith developer. The "right" exposure time is given when the blackening of the deep shadows takes place after three to four minutes, mid-tones and highlights are caused by the second bath.

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