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Glycine-potassium carbonate suspension. Shake before use until the supernatant carbonate is mixed with the developer. Dissolve the required amount completely in 100ml hot water and make up to the desired volume.
Second developer after lith for a higher colourfulness or for an increase in density of the highlights.

Standard preparation: 1 litre water + 5-10ml Lith G.
The resulting shade depends on the paper used. If redder tones are desired, ammonium chloride can be added to the mixture. With chlorosilver papers, too much ammonium chloride can cause a visible haze. In such cases, Lith D should be added as an anti-fogging agent. Usually 0.5 - 3ml Lith D (diluted 1+4) is sufficient. Alternatively, the pH value of the working solution can be lowered by adding a small amount of citric acid (stop bath 60% 1-2ml/litre).

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