Universal developer for all paper emulsions. This developer works fast, the development time at the usual dilution of 1+9 is between 60 and 75 seconds at the process temperature of 20°C. This dilution is only recommended for processing PE papers, or for impatient baryta processors. The image tone depends on the paper used. With coldtone papers and papers with embedded developer substances, the tone is neutral to warm, with the usual hint of green. Warmtone papers come in brownish shades when the development time is less than 70 seconds, and the tone becomes distinctly greener when the development time is over 90 seconds. A slight selenium toning (1+50 to 1+200) de-greenens and shifts the image tone into cooler nuances, whereby the maximum blackening increases significantly.

Because of the high capacity of this developer, the optimal dilution ratio is 1+14. A development time of two minutes at 20°C is quite sufficient. Only at higher dilution the time has to be extended. Even at high dilution, the shelf life of the working solution in high-filled bottles is a few weeks, at dilution 1+9 a few months.

Dilution:1+9 bis 1+25
1 litre concentrate
for 10-26 litres of working solution

Capacity per litre concentrate approx. 300 sheets 24x30cm

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Weight 1,4 kg