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Developer for the lithprint technique, tunable to approx. 20 papers, image tones extremely variable by dilution and Additive D (only Master Set). A detailed process description for fine-tuning is enclosed.
The shelf life is extremely high for a lith developer (example: working solution 1+10 without additional antioxidant 500ml in open tray 20x25cm 8-10 hours).

The concentrates are guaranteed to keep for at least five years, even after opening.

Recommended dilutions 1+10 to 1+30

Fomatone papers 131 and 132 from production date December 2022 are no longer suitable for the lith process.

Master set: 1 litre (part A 500 ml, part B 500 ml + additive D) for 10-30 litres of working solution.

All solutions contained in the master set as well as further additives can also be purchased individually.


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Lith A, Lith A + B, Lith B, Master Set