Developer for creating neutral to blue-black image tones. The tone depends on the paper used, but can be shifted to cool to cold nuances by a blue tone additive (Finisher Blue) even when combined with warm emulsions. The maximum blackening is very high with full differentiation of the shadow zones.

Dilution: 1+10 to 1+15 with identical Dmax, development time 3 to 4 minutes. For stronger dilutions (up to 1+20), the development time should be extended. Long development times favour the creation of cold image tones.

1 litre concentrate
for 10-20 litres working solution

Shelf life of concentrate 3-4 years, after opening depending on the filling level1-2 years
Shelf life of working solution 4-6 months
Capacity per litre concentrate approx. 350 sheets 24x30cm

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Weight 1,4 kg