Holga, Delta 100 in Tanol,
Fomatone 132
50ml A + 50ml B + 40ml D +900ml water 6 minutes

Hasselblad 501CM, FP4 in Tanol,
Fomatone, SE5 Lith

Holga, SFX (715), efd,
contact print from an enlarged negative on Fomalux Contact Paper,
two tray development SE5 Lith 1+15 8 mins and Omega 1+100 2 mins

Super Isolette, Tri-x in efd,
Lith print on Fomabrom 123

Holga 120N, Efke IR820, Tanol N-1,
Fotolemika Special Lith Paper,
SE5 Lith

Kodak PXP @400 ASA in efd
Oriental New Seagull G3
Two tray development, to achieve a very warm image tone as a pre-condition for a bluish reaction with the gold toner.
1st developer SE5 Lith 40+40+15+800ml 7 minutes
2nd developer VGT (A+C) 20+40+800ml + 10ml NH4Cl and 5ml Lith D as antifogging agent 2 minutes.
MT10 Gold toner 3 minutes.

Super Isolette, Acros in Tanol,
Select Ivory, Easy Lith FT Special 1+25 9 mins.

RPX400 in Tanol,
Select Ivory, two tray lith.
1st 50+45+1400ml 9 mins,
2nd Lith B 4ml + Lith Ω 2ml + water 800ml 1:30 mins.

Delta 400 @ 640 in Finol,
Fomatone 132,
Easy Lith FT Special , 3 f-stops overexposure,
40+40+800ml 7 minutes.