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Fomatone 131 NEW

Update December 2022

Fomatone 131 with the designation SEMI GLOSSY (instead of Glossy as before) is less suitable for the lithprint technique. The lith effect, namely the separation of the deep shadows from the adjacent tonal values, is less pronounced and the colourfulness is considerably lower than with the batches before.

The sensitivity is higher, so shorter exposure times are required. The lower amount of light results in lower colours. Also with this batch (currently 077848-01), the snowball effect occurs with longer development times.

For mixing the Easy Lith FT Special, I recommend a dilution of 1+15 to 1+20 for development times of approx. 8 minutes.

Shipment at frosty weather

Dear customers,

Especially in these difficult times, we are happy about every order.

Please bear in mind that we cannot always deliver directly due to the current frosty weather conditions. The parcels are on the road for at least 2-3 days and the loading areas of the trucks are of course not heated. At temperatures around freezing point, aqueous solutions can freeze completely, or at least the substances contained would precipitate completely or partially and crystallise. As a rule, we therefore postpone shipping in winter until the weather forecast predicts rising temperatures.

NEW EASY LITH for Fomatone

To avoid the snowball effect in lith prints on current batches of Fomatone papers, we offer a differently adjusted EASY LITH developer. Combined with an adapted workflow, the problem can be reliably eliminated.

A description can be found in the Knowhow section under Lith Development - Snowballs.