ECO 4812

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State of the ART 2007

After 20 years of experience in "developer construction", it is time to break new ground.
Modesty and noble restraint are not appropriate, when others bang on the drum and blow the horn, the flute is not heard:
ECO 4812 genuine "Hürther Wasser", my best positive developer and thus probably the best warm tone developer in the world.

Normal dilution 1+14
Developing time 2:30 - 3:00 minutes
with dilution 1+10 the contrast is increased with identical exposure time and a development time of two minutes

Fog density and Dmax for glossy FB and RC papers: 0.00 - 0.02 / 2.00 - 2.30 depending on the paper used. The highest Dmax values and thus the highest contrast range with full differentiation of the shadow zones are shown by the usual suspects: Ilford MGWT, Classic and Galerie, MCC, but also inexpensive papers like Adox Fine Print Classic and Fomabrom Variant.

Shelf life of concentrate 4 years, after opening approx. 2 years depending on the filling level.
Shelf life of working solution 8 months when stored in an airtight bottle.
Capacity per litre of concentrate approx. 400 sheets 24x30cm.

1 litre

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Weight n. v.

1 Liter, 270ml