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Compared to Tanol, the speed variant brings a higher sensitivity utilisation or shorter development times. The stain is yellowish green, the fog density can be higher than usual with some films.
This developer is suitable for most films between 25 and 400ASA. The nominal ISO speed can be reached or exceeded with the majority of film types.
Films not listed are not suitable for this developer. All common brands have been tested, so if your preferred film is not listed, you can save yourself the trouble of doing your own tests.
Shelf life of the concentrates: A 18 months or longer, B unlimited

The stated sensitivities were determined using current batches.

Temperature and times: In the data sheet the development times at 20°C and 24°C are given. I myself prefer the temperature of 24°C. After pre-watering at the same temperature, the developer may drop by 1°C at most at a room temperature of 20°C, even for times over 10 minutes.

Film speed:
At the recommended settings, a silver density of 0.12logD or more results for zone I when measured with a colour-blind densitometer. In the lower zones, the total density (silver+stain) is only slightly higher than black-and-white densitometers indicate, in the high-lights the total density is considerably higher. When evaluating with black and white densitometers, the target values according to the zone system must be reached, but never exceeded, when enlarging on VC paper. When using fixed-grade papers, the curve (without stain) must be flattened by shortening the development.

The standard dilution is 1+1+100. For higher sensitivity, other dilutions are given in the data sheet. With Tmax films, a dilution of 1+1+130 brings a sensitivity gain of 1°DIN. With Rolleo Retro100 and Ilford FP4, a doubling of the nominal speed is possible by extending the development time. In contrast to conventional push development by underexposure and overdevelopment, the curve is not split, but curved upwards from the shadows to the midtones, so there is a real gain in sensitivity without blocking the highlights. For some films, however, the gain of up to one f-stop is associated with an increase in fog density. This developer is not suitable for higher-sensitivity films such as Delta 3200! For films with a tendency to high base fog (Tri-X, Rollei Retros and IR) Finol is the better choice.

2x100ml makes 20 litres of working solution - capacity 40 films.

When the dosing pipette is attached, the bottle is leak-proof, the use of a sealing cap is only necessary during transport. .




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