Holga 120N, Kodak plus-x in efd,
Adox Variotone in VGT,
copper bleach and redeveloped with Easy Lith 3+3+500 one minute, followed by Siena (Glycin + NH4Cl + Carbonate 3+3+3+500) one and a half minutes.

Select VC (PW14), 2nd pass lith after solarisation in copper bleach.

Holga 120N, PXP in efd,
Select VC in SE2 Warm,
Copper Bleach,
Easy Lith

Super Isolette, Delta 400, Finol,
2nd pass lith on Wephota Baryt Brillant

Fomatone 532, 2nd pass lith after solarisation in copper bleach.

Delta 400 @640ASA, Finol,
Fomabrom 123 solarised in copper bleach, Easy Lith 3+3+500 warm 1,5 minutes.

Hasselblad 501CM, Efke IR820 in Tanol.
Stained negatives are generally unsuitable for prints on graded papers, because the colour of the stain increases the contrast enormously on such papers, especially with infrared films. However, a two tray development with a soft second developer can produce sufficient density in the lights.
Kentmere Bromide, VGT developers normal and soft.
Lith Copper Bleach 1+3 and redeveloped with Easy Lith 4+4+500ml.

Holga 120N Delta 400 @640 ASA in Finol,
2nd pass lith on Fomabrom N 111.
SE6 Blue, Ferricyanide-Bromide Bleach 1+20, slightly solarised.
Easy Lith 3+3+500 warm 2 mins.

Isolette, Kodak PXP 125 @ ISO 400 in efd,
Fomabrom N 111, SE2 Warm, Copper bleach1+3 about one and a half minute, with subtle solarisation of the lighter areas.
Redeveloper Easy Lith 3+3+500 hot one minute, followed by a hot water bath 30 seconds.